Hawkesbury land values swell

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HAWKESBURYland values climbed by an average of 9.2% over the past financial year, with the value of residential land across the region surging by a whopping 17.21%.

Figures released by the NSW Valuer-General show median land values rose in each of the four main land categories across the Hawkesbury local government area (LGA).

At 17.21%, residential land values grew the most (from $244,000 in 2014 to $286,000 in 2015), followed by industrial values which rose 8.28% (from $465,000 to $503,500), business which was up 5.33% (from $375,000 to $395,000), and rural which grew by 5.26% (from $437,000 to $460,000).

The figures show especially solid growth when compared to median land values in the Hawkesbury only a few years ago (1 July 2012 to 30 June 2013), when residential and business land values remained stagnant, industrial land values fell 10.05%, and rural values fell 3.59%.

While the Hawkesbury LGA faired comparatively well in residential land values during the year, the neighbouring LGA of Blacktown topped the state in the residential category, recording 47% growth during the last financial year.

Holroyd and Parramatta followed with growth rates of 38% and 35.9% respectively, with the entire Western Sydney area leading the way with higher land value growth than anywhere else in New South Wales.

Other neighbouring Hawkesbury LGAs that performed particularly well include The Hills Shire, which recorded a 31.75% rise to $664,000 from $504,000 the previous financial year.

Acting Mayor of Blacktown City, Councillor Jacqueline Donaldson, said the area containing Blacktown and its surrounding suburbs is “the fastest growing and best place in Sydney to live.”

“In areas like Schofields and Riverstone, what was farmland is fast becoming suburbia. Blacktown has planned well for this growth and some 7,000 people move to the city each year,” she said.

“Development is booming. There was $1.15 billion worth of development in 2014 – that’s the second most in the state after Sydney City.

“We had the highest number of construction certificates issued (1,838) and the second most development applications determined (2,013) of all councils in the state.

“There will be 98,000 additional homes in Blacktown by 2036 – doubling the current number to more than 200,000.”

Donaldson said though land values in Blacktown are booming, there are still affordable homes in the area, close to excellent facilities.

“I’m proud to live in Blacktown and it seems more and more people are agreeing with me each year.”

The NSW Valuer-General issues individual land valuation notices to residential landholders across the state on a rotating basis by suburb, with the next set of Hawkesbury notices scheduled to be distributed in January 2017.

These notices will show local land values based on real estate market conditions as at 1 July this year. They will indicate the value of the land only, not including the value of a home or any other improvements on the land.

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Shark scare at Riverside Park

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Jalahra and Marley Cameron immediately left the water after reports of a possible shark sighting in the Macleay River this morning (pic Todd Connaughton) RESIDENTS were advised not to swim in the Macleay River on Wednesday after a possible shark sighting.

Kempsey Shire Council posted a warning on social media advising residents to “avoid entering the water at Riverside Park following a report of a shark sighting in this stretch of the Macleay River this morning.”

Over the years there have been a number of reports of sharks in the Macleay River and of people catching them.

Josh Colling hooked a 16.2kg bull shark in Sherwood in January 2014. The keen angler had been out bass-fishing with a friend when they spotted half a dozen or so bull sharks swimming up and down the Macleay River.

Not long after, local boys Shawn Rowsell, Clayton Dries and Lachlan and Callum Clarke also caught a 16.5kg bull shark at Mooneba along the river on Lee’s farm.

The Clarke boys had heard many stories about their great grandfather Percy Forest who had caught bull sharks at Temagog back in 1956.

Reports of bull sharks are not isolated to the Macleay.

A Port Macquarie fisherman hauled in a 250kg bull shark from the Hastings River with the help of a friend in December 2015 while another bull shark was caught from the same river by two Port Macquarie fisherman last month.

The shark measured 10 feet in length with an unknown girth.

A Department of Primary Industries spokesperson said it wasn’t uncommon for bull sharks to be present in rivers particularly in the Mid and North Coasts of NSW, year round.

“Large bull sharks, particularly females, have been found to come into estuaries in late spring, early summer to give birth to their young,” the spokesperson said.

Bull sharks are one of three species deemed dangerous by the government, along with great whites and tiger sharks.

They are by far the most adaptable and able to live almost anywhere in freshwater or saltwater habitats.

Bull sharks have been caught on a regular basis in the Macleay River over the years like this one pictured which was caught by Josh Colling in 2014 in Sherwood.

Beaches scanned for sharksHelicopters that have been spotted hovering above Crescent Head, South West Rocks, Stuarts Points and Hat Head beaches recently arepart of the NSW Shark Management Strategy, a $16 million investment by the state government over the next five years.

The NSW Government has developed the new shark management strategy in the hope of increasing protection for bathers from shark attacks and to minimize harm to sharks or other animals.

The twice daily sweeps will continue until Easter.

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You could be in the money – check state revenue treasure chest​

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POT OF CASH: The Office of State Revenue has hundreds of millions of dollars waiting to be claimed.​SHOALHAVENresidents are urged to check the NSW Office of State Revenue website to see if you are owed money.

TheOSRhas hundreds of millions of dollars that could be yours.

The office that administers the state’s taxes and fines is also the final resting place for money that has been unable to reach its owner.

State Minister for Finance Dominic Perrottet said items in the OSR’spool of “forgotten” money, worth a total of $219 million, are “just waiting to be claimed”.

The pool includes unclaimed share dividends, bonds, overpayments, superannuation and cheques.

“During the Christmas season the hip pocket often gets a bit of a workout, so now is a great time to get on the OSR’s website and check if any of that unclaimed money is yours,” Mr Perrottet said.

All businesses are required to send funds in accounts that have been inactive for six years to the OSR, from which the owner has another six years to claim it.

The OSR currently holds more than 464,000 items of forgotten money, from $20 share dividends to a deceased estate trust fund worth more than $1 million.

“One man was recently paid more $190,566 after he found the proceeds of a property sale by searching the OSR’s unclaimed money database,” Mr Perrottet said.

OSR’s website has an online search tool that allows you to find any unclaimed money by entering your name.

A database of unclaimed items is also available online.

The office has paid out items worth a total of $20 million in the past 12 months.

To see if you are in the money, go to the OSR website at 梧桐夜网osr.nsw.gov419论坛 got to the unclaimed money tab and then search the search and claimed unclaimed money section.

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Our grocery pricing shock

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Part of the basket of goods used for the survey.IT’S long been a bugbear of local shoppers, the apparent yawning disparity between grocery prices in different centres across Australia.

But a new Fairfax survey has revealed the practice is on the endangered list, with shoppers paying almost identical amounts in Wagga for a basket of groceries as they do in other regional centres.

Well-known cereal Weetbix cost the same atmajor chainstores at 10 locations in regional NSW and Tasmania.

And at another major supermarket chain at Naracoorte in South Australia, the breakfast food was just five cents more expensive.

The survey has indicated largely consistent pricing across geography.

Granny smith apples were an exception, with shoppers at Burnie in Tasmania paying 50 cents more per kilo than the regular price at all the other stores.

The survey also showed identical prices for Nescafe coffee 150g, Meadow Lea spread and a 22-pack of Huggies Nappies at each of the stores at all 11 locations.

And there was less than 10 cents difference in the price of Nestle Milo at the one chain at Naracoorte and the 10 stores of the other chains.

At Wagga, the basket of 11 items, including twofresh food and nineother items, came to a total of $58.96, the exact same amount as it was in Dubbo, Tamworth, Singleton, Port Macquarie, Parkes and Bathurst.

Consumer group Choice has also been paying close attention togroceryprices.

Its December 2015 Consumer Pulse survey shows 74 per cent of Australians are worried about the cost of food and groceries- the second highest concern after electricity.

It compared 17 cities in June, looking at the average price of a basket of 28 leading brand products and three fresh food items at Coles and Woolworths.

Choice’s survey showed Wagga was one of thecheapest of the 17 cities, both including and excluding specials.

Its results show that shoppers in the eastern states pocket the most change from their weekly shop, while those in the Northern Territory and Western Australia are paying a premium.

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Festival of Busselton 2016 fireworks showphotos

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Festival of Busselton 2016 fireworks show | photos The Festival of Busselton 2016 fireworks. Photo by Kyle Downie.

The Festival of Busselton 2016 fireworks. Photo by Kyle Downie.

The Festival of Busselton 2016 fireworks. Photo by Kyle Downie.

The Festival of Busselton 2016 fireworks. Photo by Kyle Downie.

The Festival of Busselton 2016 fireworks. Photo by Kyle Downie.

The Festival of Busselton 2016 fireworks. Photo by Kyle Downie.

The Festival of Busselton 2016 fireworks. Photo by Kyle Downie.

The Festival of Busselton 2016 fireworks. Photo by Kyle Downie.

The Festival of Busselton 2016 fireworks. Photo by Kyle Downie.

The Festival of Busselton 2016 fireworks. Photo by Kyle Downie.

The Festival of Busselton 2016 fireworks. Photo by Kyle Downie.

The Festival of Busselton 2016 fireworks. Photo by Kyle Downie.

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Modern interiors set amid Pacific harmony

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Coastal pleasures: This renovated Wombarra home is described as featuring ‘Hamptons’ style design, with an emphasis on making the most of spectacular ocean viewsClean lines is the name of the game for the pair who renovated this seaside house at Wombarra.

With a location ideal for takingadvantage of the majesty of the Pacific Ocean, the house can simply complement its surroundings.

The interior emphasises white, no doubt chosen for how it lookswhen set against the ocean blue.

It’s a spacious house in a desirable coastal suburb. Agents Trevor Molenaar andKristine Morgan of McGrath Estate Agents said it would suit a family looking for a new home, or someone who wanted to give themselves a permanent getaway on the northern Illawarra coast.

“It has two levels of spectacular ocean views,” Ms Morgan said.“Downstairs there’s potential for a little studio or self-contained.

“They’re kept that Hamptons style –it’s a mix of contemporary and old, which works well.”

Family home: This three-bedroom place at 15 Messenger Rd, Barrack Heights, could be the ideal purchase for a first homebuyer

The new kitchen has stainless steel gas appliances and stone benches.

“It’s great for either a family home or for Sydneysiders to use as a holiday home,” Ms Morgan said.

Theproperty will be auctioned on Saturday February 13 at 4.30pm.

The agents did not have a price guide for publication and encouraged interested buyers to contact McGrath.

A look at recent salesin the surrounding area shows a wide range of prices for Wombarra. Homes on the eastern side of Lawrence Hargrave Drive, such as this one,range from $1.3 million up to $1.9million for the absolute beachfront.

Ifyou’re looking for your dream home, another option is to buy vacant land which you can use as your blank canvas (see story, right).

With a view to more affordable property, as anyone who lives in the south of the Illawarra knows, the area has its own charms and can be a fantastic place to live.

But finding an affordable house can be hard for a young family anywhere.

Sometimes a place comes along that combines price, location and fit. There’s athree-bedroom house on Messenger Rd, Barrack Heights, that will suit the right family down to a tee.

On a decent block of 579 squares, this house also has garage orcarportspace for two cars, and cuts a stylish figure from the street.

Agents say it’s been completely renovated, with open plan living/dining area and kitchen configured to maximise space.

The house is being soldby Adam Martin and Luke Collins of MMJ Windang.

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Bartter has the X-Tractor

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ON TRACK: Peter Bartter and Jim McGann stand with the T20 International Tractor donated by Mr Bartter to Pioneer ParkFORMER Griffith businessman Peter Bartterhas donated a restoredhistorical ‘international T20’ tractor to Pioneer Park as part of Griffith’s Australia Day celebrations.

Mr Bartter, whowith his brother Davidestablished poultry giant Bartter’s before its sale in 2009, said he decided to donate the tractor due to his belief that it belongs in Griffith.

“It was here when we came to Griffith and was owned by Andy Day,but when my Dad bought farm 131 the tractor was part of the farm equipment,” he said.

Andy Day’s grandsonJim McGann was also present at the Australia Day celebrations.

“My grandfather sold the farm to Peter’s father after the war in 1946 and in those days a lot of the farm machinery like the tractors were sold with the farm,” Mr McGann said.

A horse called Prince had also been purchased with the farmhowever, sadly it was no longer around to be donated to Pioneer Park.

Jennifer O’Donnell, business and administration co-ordinatorofGriffith Pioneer Park Museum said the museum was thrilled to have acquired such a wonderful piece of Griffith’s own local farming history.

“The Day, McGann and Bartter names are well known local identities who have all contributed to the progress of Griffith. It is great that Mr Bartter, who has had the T20 tractor restored, housed and looked after meticulously, is allowing the museum to take possession.”

Speaking about the restoration, Mr Bartter praised the efforts of Renzo Rovere in restoring the tractor.

“Renzo in his spare time would take a piece off,clean it up and get it all spray painted and it looks pretty schmick,” he said, remarking that Mr Rovere had done a very good job.

As an 18-year-old kid Mr Bartter remembersmany hours spent on the tractor.

“It was a very dusty job,” he said.“It wasn’t a work of desire – you just had to do it.

“When we bought it, the trackson it were actually wearing down so I welded new ones on,they’ve since worn down from three centimetres. They’re about one centimetre now but they have stayed there and there is not one missing by the way,” he said proudly. “The welding held out.”

Griffith mayor John Dal Broi recognised Mr Bartter’s contribution at the Australia Day celebrations on Tuesday.

“Peter has decided to relocate to Sydney,”he told the crowd.

“But before he has gone he has afully restored tractor that he has spent a lot ofmoney onandhas kindly donated to Pioneer Park.”

Pioneer Park curator Jason Richardson will be documenting the provenance and stories of the tractorfor visitors to the museum.

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Skirting controversy: giant Marilyn arrives

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TALL ASK: An artist’s mock-up of what the statue will look like when placed in the piazza at Rosalind Park next week. Picture: CONTRIBUTEDBendigo will be under the watchful eye of an eight-metretall, 15-tonne woman from Monday.

The gargantuan guardian, a metalsculpture of Marilyn Monroe, will take pride of place in the Rosalind Park piazza for five months while the Bendigo ArtGallery hostsan exhibition dedicated to the screen icon.

American artist Seward Johnson constructed his mammoth Forever Marilynstatue in 2011 and,after stints inChicago, Palm Springs and New Jersey, gallery spokesperson Sandra Bruce said this was the first time the sculpture wouldbe seen outside the United States.

She said Johnson’s creation wouldbe an unmissable reminder of the coming exhibition, for which the firstdisplay items arrive next month beforeopening on March 5.

Asked whether the film starwould look out of place in Bendigo, Ms Bruce was confident in Marilyn’s appeal, citing the success of the gallery’s 2012Grace Kellyexhibit.

Tell us what you think about the Marilyn statue coming to Rosalind Park next week.Tell us what you think about the Marilyn statue coming to Rosalind Park next week.

“One thing that Marilyn’s got, she’s got a broad, worldwide awareness,” she said.

“Why not go all out and bring one of the most famous identities of all time to Bendigo?”

But the statue hasnot always received a warmwelcome on its travels.

American film critic Richard Roeper was scathing in his assessment ofForever Marilyn andthe crude behaviour it elicited frompassers-by.

“Men (and women) licking Marilyn’s leg, gawking up her skirt, pointing at her giant panties as they leer and laugh,” he said at the time.

STARSTRUCK: Sandra Bruce looks up to the Marilyn poster at Bendigo Art Gallery. Both will be dwarfed by the piazza statue. Picture: NONI HYETT

Ms Bruce expected similar behaviour from onlookers in Bendigo, but hoped people would be respectful.

“The Australian public hasthat potential to be larrikin,” she said.

“And really, we don’t have a problem with that as long as they don’t try to damage it because she’s not ours and we do have to give her back at the end of the five months.

“You can’t really reach up above her knees anyway, that’s how tall she is.”

CCTV will monitor the blonde bombshell, while the gallery hadorganised for her to be lit up after the sun goes down.

“Public art is 90 percent less likely to be vandalised if it’s lit,” Ms Bruce said.

“She’ll have nice, dramatic lighting on her all night.”

Picture: Bendigo Art Gallery Instagram

Even though curious onlookers couldgaze up the screen siren’s skirt, Ms Bruce said Marilyn’s modesty wouldremain intact: the statue is wearingunderwear.

“She’s wearing what you would call cottontails these days,” she said.

“It’s very true to the time.”

Drivers should expect delays throughoutthe installation as crates containing the statue’s piecesare transported down View Street.

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Patchy, but positive

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SPORADIC rain, across the parched northern and western parts of the state throughout January, has been hailed a positive by the cropping community.

POSITIVE FALLS: Sporadic rain, across the parched northern and western parts of the state throughout January, has been hailed a positive by the cropping community.

Last week saw heavy falls of 50mm plus in Wimmera locations such as Dimboola East and Natimuk, with isolated tallies of above 80mm;in the Mallee, storm rain dumped equivalent tallies in places such as Watchupga.

It follows similar storm driven rainfall earlier in the month.

In general there has been 10-20mm across most of the Wimmera – Mallee for the month, with the prospect of further falls this week.

Agronomists said falls under 25mm were not enough for farmers to embark on summer spraying programs in terms of moisture conservation programs, but said farmers were spraying to control summer weed seed bank numbers and for nutrient retention.

“I’d say around 5-10pc of the Wimmera has had those good falls of 50mm plus where the summer spraying is useful for storing moisture on our heavier soils,” SMS Rural agronomist Darren Scott, Horsham said.

“However, others guys are looking at spraying just to keep things under control and if we can jag a couple of these rains that are forecast the totals begin to get useful.”

Rob Sonogan, Agrivision Swan Hill, said the rainfall had been patchy across the region, but farmers were generally looking to spray.

“It helps retain nutrients and it is also a good thing if we are lucky enough to get further rain.”

Woomelang farmer Chris Kelly said while he had only received about 25mm for the year, he would look to spot spray, in particular to control melons.

“It is not so much about subsoil moisture here at present, I am just a bit worried about sowing management, if the melons are left uncontrolled they can create trafficability issues at sowing, they go ropey if they are allowed to fruit without being sprayed.”

Ouyen farmer Ian Hastings said there had been good falls earlier in the year of between 25-50mm with further showers of around 10mm last week.

“Anything that’s had over that 40mm it will be beneficial in terms of providing moisture for the crop later in the year.”

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Traditional landowners recognised

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FRIENDSHIP: A plaque representing the first meeting between the local Darug people and Gov Phillip was installed at Friendship Bridge, Pitt Town Bottoms in 2001.HAWKESBURY aboriginal tribal leaders who welcomed Governor Arthur Phillip when he arrived on their land over two centuries ago have been recognisedwith a Hawkesbury Australia Day Posthumous Commemorative Plaque Award.

The traditional custodians of the Hawkesbury land, Aboriginal tribal leaders who were known to their people as Caradgee or wise men and doctors of their tribe, called the Darug people, are said to have welcomed Governor Phillip to their land in friendship on 14 April 1791 at Bardenarang Creek — known at the time as Bardo Narang (meaning ‘little water’) — at Pitt Town Bottoms.

The tribal leaders’ names were Gombeeree and his son Yellowmundi — the latter of which is the namesake of the suburb of Yarramundi.

Descendants of Gombeeree and Yellowmundi attended the Hawkesbury Australia Day Awards Ceremony at the Windsor Function Centre on Australia Day, accepting the plaque on behalf of their ancestors.

Local historian John Miller — who presented the award along with Hawkesbury Mayor, Councillor Kim Ford — said he wished to pay respect to the traditional custodians of the land, past and present, who cared for the land for many thousands of years.

“GovernorArthur Phillip had previously explored what he named the Hawkesbury River, from Broken Bay to Richmond Hill at the confluence of the Grose River in July 1789, on year after settlement by the English when the first fleet arrived in January 1788,” Miller said.

“He decided to try and find Richmond Hill by travelling overland in 1791 from Parramatta.”

It was reported in the diary of Captain Watkin Tench in his book ‘Sydney’s First Four Years 1788-1791’ that GovernorPhillip, along with two Sydney Aborigines Colebee and Boladeree who acted as guides, led a party of men to the Hawkesbury via Baulkham Hills, through Maraylya and Cattai, to Pitt Town Bottoms and then to the Hawkesbury River.

“When they reached the river they saw aborigines coming along in canoes. Governor Phillip thought that they were going to be attached and sent the two guides to go and parlay with them,” said Miller.

“When they came ashore, leader of the group, Combeeree, presented Governor Phillip with two spears and two stone axes as a sign of friendship. They were not aggressive nor did they show signs of fear.

“The two groups dined together that night, happily exchanging stories.”

The Hawkesbury Australia Day Awards program is organised annually by Hawkesbury City Council to recognise contributions to the Hawkesbury by dedicated individuals. A range of other awards was presented on the day, including Hawkesbury Citizen of the Year and Young Citizen of the Year.

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