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Our story about the troubled Island Point Road-Princes Highway interesection drew some suggestions on our websitethe highway speed limit there is 100km/hr but on that stretch a lot of traffic is doing more than that.a lot of drivers wanting to turn into IP Road from the south seem to have trouble estimating how far away a vehicle is when coming directly towards them at that speed.but then again I have seen drivers turning north from IP Road onto the highway making almost suicidal decisions to go.maybe an 80km/hr limit on that section is the answer.

NickMaybe, just maybe, if people waited till they could see instead of darting out ‘trying to make it’ there would be a lot less horror crashes, they aren’t the greatest intersections but you’ll find its driver error, not the intersection.

MathiasIts a sad thing to say, after people have been killed there,but the road rules need to be followed,this is something that is so frustrating,people need to keep up to date with the rules of driving, there nothing wrong with that intersection,its the driver,s i am sorry to say.

taxmanPut in a dedicated northbound lane and use a roundabout for the rest of the intersection. Make the roundabout very large to keep the reduced speed to a sensible limit and do not put a garden in the middle of it to obstruct vision or to cause damage to vehicles overshooting it.

Mark EastwoodWhile at it the RMS could look a bit more sensibly at the Wool Rd/Naval College Rd roundabout speed markings! With the upgrade nearly finished, they have already marked the westbound approach to the roundabout coming from The High School at 70 km/h immediately in front of the junction! ‘Up from 60 km/h.’ Surely common sence will be applied and that limit kept at 60 until past the last roundabout

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